Come and discover the United States tourism

With scores of legendary places and a huge land mass, the United States is an outstanding tourist attraction, but planning a journey here is no small feat. You should choose your destinations, find out what interests you and build a feasible travel plan. In this article, we suggest a few places that you might enjoy.

Some must-see places

Many exceptional spots are to be visited, here are some of them:

  • The Liberty Statue – New York : Situated on Liberty Island, “Liberty illuminating the globe” was donated by the French to commemorate the relationship between the two nations. Access only by boat from 8 a.m.
  • Monument Valley : it is the “must see (the site not to be missed) of the American West. At the frontier of Arizona and Utah, the mythical place where over a century of movies were shot has come to symbolize the West. You should drive along Valley Drive, ideally in the evening, to see the sun set.
  • America State Building – New York : It is important to visit the top levels of this place, the iconic building of New York made popular by King Kong. In this picture of the building, you can see the construction crew sitting on a steel girder hanging over the void, a few hundred meters above the ground.

How much to expect ?

The average daily budget for solo travelers in the United States is 81€ /d/pers. For couple travelers in the United States, you should plan for about 93€ /d/pers. With your wife and kids, you should plan for 90€ /d/pers. Finally, for backpacker travelers in the United States 71€ /d/pers will be enough.

Sightseeing in the United States is a good idea, as there are many interesting attractions to visit. Moreover, the very interesting prices of the places to visit make it a destination of choice for the tourists.

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