How about a trip to Italy ?

Italy is currently one of the top touristic attractions for many reasons. For example, the cultural richness of this country, its gastronomy as well as the different carnivals that take place there attract more and more people every year. It is even the country of the Holy Father. So, let’s go to visit this country.

What places to visit ?

Italy attracts many tourists every summer with the coast of Tropea, the beaches between Pisa and Tirrenia, between Livorno and Piombino in Tuscany with well-equipped resorts like Cecina, Donoratico and San Vicenzo. Let’s not forget the coast of Via Aurelia, Orbetello not far from small islands. It also attracts with islands like Sardinia, Sicily, Capri, Ischia and Procida not far from Naples.

For tourists who love beaches, there are Friulian beaches such as Lignano and Grado, Venetian beaches such as Lido di Jesolo and Romagna beaches on the Adriatic Sea, the beaches of Rimini and Cattolica will seduce you.

Rome has several hundred churches that are the object of the annual pilgrimage to Rome, which is one of the three main Christian pilgrimages. You will see the 4 main churches of Rome. The pilgrimage also includes the reception of the Apostolic Blessing by the Pope.

And the gastronomic side ?

In this country, the dishes are rich and diversified. Indeed, the countries must-try dishes are the famous pizzas, pasta, risotto and ravioli. In addition, you can also enjoy Italian ice cream or coffee with an exceptional taste. Italian cuisine is known to be healthy and balanced.

Finally, Italy is also famous for its production of olive oil, cheese, wine and fruit, which are among the 4300 traditional regional products. Sightseeing in Italy is one of the best plans available. Indeed, popular places such as the Vatican can be seen up close. And for food lovers, you will also be satisfied by the unavoidable Italian pizzas,

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